Bureau and Scientific Committee


Members of the Bureau

Chairman: Dr Patrick Prouzet

General Secretary: Dr Franck Lagarde

Vice – Chairman: Dr Yves Hénocque

Treasurer: Professor Jean-Claude Dauvin.

Honorary Chairman: Professor Hubert-Jean Ceccaldi

Advisors: Professor Yasuyuki Koike and Ms Kumiko Uehara

Associate member: Professor Teruhisa Komatsu – Chairman of the SFJO Japan


Their role is to carry out a specific mission for the SFJO and to represent it by reporting to the Extended Board (the Board plus the Scientific Committee).

Patrick Prouzet: in charge of the SFJO’s Presidency, website and integrated fisheries approaches;
Jean-Claude Dauvin: in charge of the SFJO’s financial management (veto power and signature of the cheque book) and renewable marine energy approaches;
Franck Lagarde: in charge of the SFJO’s general secretariat (signature of the cheque book if the treasurer is unable to attend, with power of veto within the scope of this signature), interactions between environment and shellfish farming;
Éric Feunteun: in charge of relations with marine structures and observatories;
Patrick Vincent:  in charge of innovative approaches;
Yves Hénocque: in charge of integrated approaches  sea and coastline.
Anne-Claire Bennis: in charge of physical oceanography.
Charles-François Boudouresque: in charge of marine biodiversity and invasive species.

Members of the Scientific Committee

Professor Hubert-Jean Ceccaldi ((Académie de Marseille/SFJO)

Professor Catherine Mariojouls (AgroParistech)

Dr Yves Hénocque (Fondation de France/SFJO)

Dr Patrick Prouzet (SFJO)

Professor Jean-Claude Dauvin (Université Caen/SFJO)

Dr François Poisson (Ifremer/Sète)

Dr François Galgani (Ifremer Corse/COI)

Dr Franck Lagarde (Ifremer/Sète)

Professor Eric Feunteun (MNHN/CRESCO)

Dr Emmanuel Garnier (CNRS/IUF)

Dr Johan Etourneau (EPHE)

Professor Charles-François Boudouresque (MIOS)

Professor Anne-Claire Bennis (Université de Caen Normandie)

Dr Pascal Bach (IRD/Sète)

Dr Elodie Fleury (Ifremer/Brest)

Dr Patrick Vincent (Former vice-president of the OIST: Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology)

Professor Teruhisa Komatsu (SFJO/EMECS)