COAST Bordeaux 2017 and the 17th French-Japanese Symposium on Oceanography are launched

COAST Bordeaux 2017 which coincides with the 17th French-Japanese Symposium on Oceanography is launched. The SFJO France and Japan are closely associated with this scientific event which will take place from 7 to 10 November 2017 in Bordeaux. The general theme chosen for this event is the systemic and biodiversity evolution of marine coastal ecosystems under the pressure of climate change, natural and anthropogenic local factors. An international symposium and forum will allow scientists, professionals of the maritime sector and managers to discuss various issues related to the vulnerability of coastal ecosystems and the adaptation of plant, animal and human communities to the drivers of change. A large part will be given to cooperation between the French and Japanese communities.

The address of the COAST Bordeaux 2017 website is:

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